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Redefining Family Vacations

Imagine a world where the hotel you're about to stay at doesn't just welcome you but has proactively anticipated and catered to the unique needs of your neurodiverse family before you even set foot inside.

Picture dining experiences where the restaurant staff have received specialized training in preparation for your arrival, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable meal for your family.

Envision your destinations carefully chosen to be nature-based and designed with sensory management in mind, allowing you to explore and appreciate the world in a way that suits your neurodiverse family. Consider an adventure meticulously planned well in advance by a master-level neurodiverse educator, ensuring that every moment is not just an outing but a meaningful learning experience for your family. And imagine that this educator is not just your guide but a constant presence to support and enhance every step of your adventure, making it a truly enriching journey for your entire family.

"There is a way of exploring new environments that's supportive, inclusive, and, as importantly, fun!" -Divergent Adventures

Together, Visit Mesa and Divergent Adventures offer neurodiverse families a new and exceptional way to experience travel like never before. Whether you're seeking a family bonding experience, an enriching educational journey, or both, Divergent Adventures provides just the right balance of stimulation and relaxation, custom-built around the unique requirements and interests of neurodiverse families and like-minded travelers!