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Our brand is centered around love, support, and inclusivity. We believe that every person, regardless of disability, race, or gender deserves respect and love. When we created this brand, we knew that we wanted to find a way to give back to individuals on the spectrum. This is exactly why we partner with Neshama, an assisted living home for adults with disabilities. 

A portion of our funds goes towards ensuring that adults with disabilities can have a home to live in. Not only do we focus on providing living assistance to adults with disabilities, but we also partner with neighboring schools. 

One of our missions is to help children who are on the spectrum receive job training and gain real-world job skills. Too many times, individuals with disabilities are overlooked for jobs and are unable to get the practical job skills they need to survive in this world. We’re on a mission to give jobs and empower our youth. 

We thank every one of our customers that allows us to follow our hearts and continue with the mission we are called to be on. 

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